It is very easy to search or participate in the InfoDengue:
• If you are a citizen and interested in up-to-date information and fast information about the level alert for arboviruses in your municipality, download the application INFODENGUE on the Play Store for mobile.

• If you are a member of a Municipal Health Department, or a citizen, and you have interest in detailed information on the transmission alerts of your municipality, just type the name of your city in the site's search bar:

And then click on the city name in the Status Report of the Arboviruses, at the bottom of the page:

The infodengue system operates nationwide. If you are a member of a State Health Department that is interested in becoming a state secretariat project partner, to receive detailed bulletins from your state, Contact us.
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The Alertadengue organization brings together Epidemiologists, Data Scientists, and students who work in partnership with government health agencies to assist in the management of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, zika, and Chikungunya.