It is very easy to find out if your municipality is able to participate in the InfoDengue System. This requires that three steps are met:
1 - Fill in the application form Application form with information about the municipality and the contact person
2 - To continue to analyze the feasibility of participation, we need to analyze dengue notification data (SINAN) in your municipality, 2012 to the present. We will send you a letter about the commitment to the InfoDengue System it tells you how we will use the data. Importantly, there is no need for information on the identification of cases.
3 - If your municipality managed to fill the two previous requirements, CONGRATULATIONS! The warning models already will be ready for your municipality. We will prepare a first report containing the analysis of historical data you. Now it's time to make the system work going forward. For this, a term must be signed signed between InfoDengue and the Municipal or state Secretariat of Health, authorizing the use of data.
If you have further questions, please contact us :