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Data Dictionary

  • data_ini_SE : First day of the epidemiological week (Sunday)

  • SE: Epidemiological week

  • casos_est : Estimated number of cases per week using the nowcasting model (note: values ​​are retrospectively updated every week)

  • cases_est_min and cases_est_max: Intervalo de credibilidade de 95% do número estimado de casos

  • cases: Number of notified cases per week (values ​​are retrospectively updated every week)

  • p_rt1: Probability (Rt > 1). For issuing the orange alert, we use criterion p_rt1 > 0.95 for 3 weeks or more.

  • p_inc100k: Estimated incidence rate (cases per pop x 100.000)

  • Localidade_id: Sub-municipality division (currently implemented only in Rio de Janeiro)

  • nivel:: Alert level (1 = green, 2 = yellow, 3 = orange, 4 = red), more details, see (Know more)

  • id: Numeric index

  • versao_modelo: Model version (internal use)

  • tweet: Number of messages mentioning dengue symptoms within geolocated tweets. Source: Dengue Observatory / UFMG

  • Rt: Point estimate of the reproductive number of cases, see Learn more

  • pop: Estimated population (IBGE)

  • tempmin: Average of the daily minimum temperatures along the week

  • tempmed: Média das temperaturas diárias ao longo da semana

  • tempmax: Média das temperaturas máximas diárias ao longo da semana

  • umidmin: Média da umidade relativa mínima diária do ar ao longo da semana

  • umidmed: Média da umidade relativa diária do ar ao longo da semana

  • umidmax: Average of the daily maximum relative air humidity along the week

  • receptivo: Indicates climate receptivity, i.e., conditions for high vectorial capacity. 0 = unfavorable, 1 = favorable, 2 = favorable this week and last week, 3 = favorable for at least three weeks (sufficient for completing a transmission cycle)

  • transmission: Evidence of sustained transmission: 0 = no evidence, 1 = possible, 2 = likely, 3 = highly likely

  • nivel_inc:: Estimated incidence below pre-epidemic threshold, 1 = above pre-epidemic threshold but below epidemic threshold, 2 = above epidemic threshold

  • notif_accum_year: Accumulated number of cases per year