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Data Dictionary

  • Id : Numeric index

  • Aps: Only useful in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where indicators are calculated by health program area

  • Se : Epidemiological week

  • Date: Mid-date of the epidemiological week

  • Tweets: Number of mentions of dengue symptoms in geolocated tweets in the municipality of interest. Source: Dengue Observatory / UFMG

  • Cases: Number of reported cases of dengue in the week (note that data are not necessarily complete and subject to change, values ​​are updated weekly, including historical data)

  • Cases_est: Point estimate of dengue incidence per week using nowcating model (note: these values ​​are updated every week, including historical ones)

  • Cases_est_min and Cases_est_max: Intervalo de credibilidade de 95% das estimativas de casos

  • Tmin:: Average of the daily minimum temperatures. Source: airports with data closest to the selected city

  • Rt: Point estimate of the reproductive number of cases, see (Know more)

  • Prt1: Probability (Rt > 1). For issuing the orange alert, we use criterion prt1>0.95

  • Inc: Dengue incidence calculated as the ratio between cases and population (x 100,000)

  • Level:: Alert level (1 = green, 2 = yellow, 3 = orange, 4 = red), more details, see (Know more)

  • Sum: Number of records